Probe/Molecular Marker Data In MaizeGDB

Specific information is available on BACs, ESTs, overgos, and SSRs. Use SNPversity for SNPs.

Simple Probe Search

This search form allows you to just enter a name or partial name to quickly retrieve the desired probe.
Use the wildcards '%' or '*' to find matches that contain your search term. '^' at the beginning of search term will find matches that start with that term. '$' at the end of search term will find matches that end with that term.

(see a sample probe query)

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The sample probe query above will find myb-related probes. Another interesting search is csh, which will find probes developed at Cold Spring Harbor.

Overview of Probe Data

Currently, the probe data set contains a mix of both probe and sequence information. Within this set of data you can find:

+ BAC clones
+ DNA probes
+ ESTs
+ non-EST cDNAs
+ genomic DNA
+ INDELs (download all INDELs)
+ MITEs (miniature inverted repeat transposable elements) (see all MITEs)

+ Overgos
+ SNPs (download MaizeSNP50 SNPs)
+ SSRs
+ YACs (yeast artificial chromosomes) (see all YACs)
... and a small assortment of other types.

ESTs, BACs, SSRs, and Overgos can be searched specifically through their respective search pages. Gel images can be browsed visually. For SNP markers, try using SNPversity; only a few SNPs markers are held in the primary MaizeGDB database.

Discussion of Probe/Molecular Marker Data for the General Public