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Here are some other sample queries for you to try out: b0052P04, c0047J13, b000 (partial names also work)

These queries are examples of the type of search you can do; they return BACs from the Maize Mapping Project isolated from B73 inbred line, PI 550473 (the "b" prefix applies to BACs isolated from a HindIII digest at Clemson and the "c" prefix applies to BACs isolated from an EcoRI digest, beginning with c0001 through c0288, or an MboI digest, c0289 through c0576, at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute).

What BACs were used for the physical map and for sequencing B73?

The BACs used in the B73 RefGen_v2 assembly had been reassembled independently of the sequence in GenBank. The BACs in GenBank were repaired with respect to the v2 assembly in September, 2013, and are in agreement with RefGen_v3 as well.

BAC libraries used for the physical BAC map, and the B73 genome sequence may be ordered from AGI ( There are 2 library listings, ZMMBBb, for BAC names starting with a 'b', e.g., b0052P04; and ZMMBBc, for BAC clone names starting with a 'c', e.g., c0047J13.

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