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Maize Meeting
Maize Meeting
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Roommate Requests:

Sydney Lyda needs a Female roommate (No smoking).

Candice Gardner needs a Female roommate (No smoking, lights out after 11:00 PM).

Yibing Yuan needs a Female roommate (No smoking).

Mithu Chatterjee needs a Female roommate (No smoking).

David Huang needs a Male roommate.

Jerry Varnell needs a Male roommate (Smoking OK).

Huawei Zhang needs a Male roommate (No smoking).

Oliver Bear needs a Male roommate.

Edwin Reidel needs a Male roommate (Needs a roommate and/or transfer your single room reservation to me).

Dr. Edwin Uche needs a Male roommate.

Dale Brunelle needs a Male roommate.

Xuecai Zhang needs a Male roommate.

Weschester Junior needs a Male roommate (I have a double already reserved).

Diego Jarquin needs a Male roommate.

Please email John Portwood ( to remove your name from this list.

Last updated 11:12 am, Mar 15, 2016.

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