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Information about assembly Zm-PE0075-REFERENCE-TUM-1.0    (also known as PE0075)
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Genome Sequencing Project Information

   The enormous diversity of maize is reflected by a large number of SNPs and substantial structural variation. To remedy the scarcity of sequence resources for the Flint pool, a reference sequence was generated de novo from inbred line PE0075. PE0075 is a doubled haploid (DH) line obtained by in vivo haploid induction from the German Flint landrace 'Petkuser Ferdinand'. The PE0075 reference sequence complements the maize pan-genome with European Flint diversity. More information:
   GenBank BioProject   PRJNA360923  
   Project PI   Chris-Carolin Schön
   Project start date   2018-10-01
   Release date   2018-10-01
   Publication status   unpublished
Project reference Flint sequences complement the maize pan-genome. E. Bauer, G. Haberer, M.A. Seidel, K. Baruch, M. Spannagl, K.F.X. Mayer, C.-C. Schön

Stock and Biosample Information

Stock information
   Stock name   PE0075
   Stock provided by   Technical University of Munich, Plant Breeding
Biosample information
   GenBank BioSample   SAMN10081786  
   Sample description   DH line developed by in vivo haploid induction from the German Flint landrace Petkuser Ferdinand
   Collection date   2016
   Collected by   Eva Bauer
   Plant structure   leaf

Sequencing and Assembly Information

   Assembly name   Zm-PE0075-REFERENCE-TUM-1.0
   WGS accession   RAQR00000000
   Sequencing description   Sequencing technologies: Illumina technologies
   Assembly description   Assembly methods: NRGene DeNovoMAGIC-3.0
Construction of pseudomolecules: Yes
   Release date   2018-10-01
   Sequencing method   Illumina technologies
   Finishing strategy   Complete genome, 217X coverage
   Genome coverage   217X
Assembly statistics
A contig is a contiguous consensus sequence that is derived from a collection of overlapping reads.
A scaffold is set of a ordered and orientated contigs that are linked to one another by mate pairs of sequencing reads.


   Annotation Identifier   Zm00017a.1
   Annotation Provider   G. Haberer (HMGU)
   Annotation Date   2018-10-01