The McClintock Prize for Plant Genetics and Genome Studies

The Barbara McClintock Prize for Plant Genetics and Genome Studies has been created to memorialize the unequalled contributions of Dr. McClintock through providing recognition to the most outstanding plant geneticists of the present era.

In memory of the many contributions of Dr. McClintock, this Prize will be awarded each year to one or more of the most creative minds and productive scientists in the study of plant genome structure, function and evolution, including the analysis of gene regulation and epigenetics. To be eligible, a scientist must be currently active and not a current member of the Maize Genetics Executive Committee. This award is for career scientific accomplishments, not for community service or as a way to assist the development of a junior scientist.

Maize Community Awards

We have a vibrant community of researchers that study maize genetics. This community includes many exceptional individuals that are deserving of recognition. The Maize Genetics Executive Committee (MGEC) wishes to recognize researchers at the early, mid, and late-career stages that have made significant contributions to our understanding of maize genetics and to our community. Each year, we plan to recognize a winner of the Early Career Maize Genetics, Mid-Career Maize Genetics, and Emerson awards at the annual Maize Genetics Conference.

The deadline to submit nominations for all awards for the 2018 Maize Genetics Conference is January 19, 2018.

Emerson Award

The Emerson award recognizes individuals for their extraordinary lifetime achievements in maize genetics. Recipients of this award shall be leaders in the maize community who have made seminal contributions to our understanding of maize genetics. To be eligible for this award, the nominee should have held a permanent position for over 20 years.

Mid-career Award

The Mid-Career Maize Genetics award will be given to an individual that has been in a permanent position for 9-20 years. The winner will have an outstanding track record of discovery research in maize (or related species) genetics.

Early career Award

The Early Career Maize Genetics award will be given to an individual that has been in a permanaent position within the past 8 years. It is expected that the awardee will have made significant research contributions through genetic studies of maize or related species.